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    Saturday, June 25, 2011

    Hong Kong Trip Video~~

    Hong Kong trip from my leader ;)

    Next trip will be Holland & Belgium..
    Come join me on that trip...

    Contact me for more details ;)

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    Safe Trip~

    My business partners went to Hong Kong yesterday.
    They are at Disneyland today >.<
    Ohhhh.. I'm so jealous now..
    How I wish I have join this business earlier...

    Another batch going to Hong Kong this morning.
    They should be arriving soon ;)

    So nice that they go to Hong Kong for FREE~
    This trip is provided by the company
    All 5 star service!!
    Accommodation, transport AND foods PROVIDED.
    ONLY need to bring money for SHOPPING~

    Next trip that the company having is HOLLAND AND BELGIUM
    Let's us go to this FREE TRIP together ;)

    Contact me now OR anytime you want ^^
    017 - 666 3391


    Who don't like freedom?
    Who don't want freedom?
    BUT who already GOT freedom?

    What type of freedom you got..??
    What type of freedom you want/like?

    Share with me ;)

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    After few year married but not GIFTED with baby?

    Envy when saw other couple gave birth?
    LOVE kids but failed to have one?
    Trying to conceive for few year but no luck?
    With the help of Premium Beautiful and Bai Feng Wan, you CAN conceive too..

    Contact me for further details ;)
    017 - 666 3391

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Debts Free...??

    Image from Google

    Do you feel that every time salary out, you take more than 75% of it to pay all your outstanding eg. housing loan, car loan, credit cards, phone bills, rental, electricity & water bills, broadband bills etc?
    Then the balance 25%, you use it for food, drink, transportation, petrol etc..
    How much you can save?

    The truth is I can't really save much.
    The balance after I paid my debts is only RM 300-500 only..
    I can't even really go for shopping T.T
    I only can shop for groceries >.<
    No luxury lifestyle for me...

    Therefore.. I made my move to change my life.
    What about you?
    Have you made you move yet?
    Make you move NOW
    Contact me to know how you can change your life 360 degree ;)

    My Progress ~ After 1 month ++

    * Sorry no picture *

    Suppose to update on my progress last 2 weeks but... been lazy again :P
    I have been wearing it for more than 8 hours everyday ^^
    However, I wasn't on strict diet nor exercise.
    Sometimes, I even eat late >.< Alot of junk foods and chocolate XD
    Few times went for buffet style some more >.<

    To my surprise.. I still LOST 2-3kg..
    Wow... Normally Junk Foods + Chocolate + Supper = Increase Weight
    BUT I still managed to LOST Weight ^^
    I know 2-3kg is not a huge figure but imagine NO exercise + KEEP eating = lost weight XD
    Not only that.. I don't feel want to leave the house without PB :P
    Wearing it already make my body shape better..
    Don't need to think how to hide my "muffin top" XD
    I don't feel I got lost weight but my girdle is more easier to wear now.

    Hehehe... I'm wondering how will the result be if I'm on strict diet + exercise...
    Sure the figure will be higher ^^
    This is my target ;)
    No more supper, junk foods AND chocolate.. [just the thought only already make me want to cry T.T]
    At least go to swim ONCE a week
    I think this is still acceptable ^^
    I'll do this start from today ;) For 1 month

    Hohoho.. Can't wait to see the result ;)
    Ohh... I can feel that my body shape is firmer ^^ Especially my breast :P
    Girls with big breast will understand.
    Big breast is easier to sag >.<
    I did tried different bra that claims will help to shape my breast but...
    I only can felt that with PB ^^

    Don't trust me..??
    You can see yourself ^^
    Limited to girls only :P

    You can call me at 017 666 3391
    OR add me on my FB ;)

    Friday, June 10, 2011



    Got my bonus already ^^
    Can go get iPhone4 tomorrow ;)
    Going to achieve one of my target ^^

    COME JOIN ME~!!!!
    You CAN get it TOO ;)

    Contact me @ 017 - 666 3391

    X-Men First Class

    Anyone watched the X-Men First Class?
    What's your opinion?

    I watched it yesterday at MBO @ Viva Home
    Thought that it'll be pack..
    Well... Not really that pack.
    It's not full yet when we buy the movie tickets.
    I think I know the reason.
    We actually checked the screening time online the day before.
    It showed 8.30pm on their website.
    We actually took our own sweet time to go to Giant to shop for some groceries.
    The Giant is in Viva home XD

    After finish shopping, we went to buy the movie tickets.
    To our surprise, the screening time is 7.30pm instead of 8.30pm >.<
    That time already nearly 7pm and we still haven't have our dinner yet =.="
    We planned to go to a shop to eat BUT since we don't have much time for it, so we just go for the Hainanese Cafe that just open outside of the cinema.

    Nothing much to say about the cafe but service not bad.
    Within 1/2 hour we finish our dinner >.<
    So their service is still quite fast ^^
    I got nothing to comment :P

    OK.. Back to the movie..
    Actually I don't really watch X-Men before.
    So don't really remember all the characters XD
    Some of the power in this movie, I never seen or heard before :P
    Overall.. Not too bad..
    At least I don't feel sleepy..
    Want to know more..??
    Go watch yourself XD

    Let me know your opinion after you watch ;)

    FOC Holland & Belgium Trips

     Belgian Chocolate *yumyum*

    Wow... I never been to Holland nor Belgium before...
    ^^ Nevermind.. I will get to go to Holland AND Belgium with company
    Who want to go for FREE too??
    Come JOIN me..
    Let's go TOGETHER ;)

    Contact me @ 017 666 3391

    Friday, June 3, 2011

    HATE Star LRT~

    Pic from Google
    I'm getting frustrated with Star LRT already...
    Their service is getting worse and worse..

    Few months back, the train keep stop in between the stations
    OR stop at the station for very long.
    The stop can sometimes go up 5-10 minutes.
    This is just WASTING time.

    It's not only that..
    Due to the waiting time is very long, when the train reach my station, the train is already pack with people..
    Really look like sardines in can >.<
    Worst is all the people stuck at the entrance and no one want to move inside.
    This happened again this few days T.T
    It's just next station that I will reach but it stop again in between the stations...
    Oh... I really hate it~~~!!!!
    Especially when I'm already late to work T.T

    I have to use LRT to work as I don't want to stuck in jam and wake up too early.
    But this is what I'm experiencing now >.<
    Really feel want to quit my job now..
    So that I don't need to be frustrated by this every morning..

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    Another Dream Come True~

    Wow... Another dream come true.
    Another Merc C200 in our group ^^
    Congratz to Adliza *clap clap clap very hard*

    Adliza with her new C200 Avantgarde that she got it last week

    All the beautiful ladies with their dream cars ;)
    Will join in with them 1 day ^^

    Hehehe.. Get to photo with great ladies *^^*
    |Dreaming very hard now to get my dream come true|

    Wedding Dinner Dress~

    I got 2 wedding dinner to attend this month.
    Both also his friends.
    1 is this Sunday at my hometown [Yeah.. Going back to hometown this weekend ^^]
    Another 1 on next Sunday
    I still haven't decide what to wear yet >.<
    As I gained alot of weight since last year and didn't buy any dress after that, I don't think I still can wear my old dress T.T
    Even I already wear the corset, but still haven't lose all the weight that I have gained >.<
    Well.. In that case ^^ I have excuses to buy new dress now.. Yeahoo...
    I have done some search online..
    This are so far what I like ^^
    Love to hear your opinion ;)
    Product info

    Nice is nice..
    But don't have my size T.T
    Share with me if you got other site that you recommend ;)
    Love to hear it~

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    Want to get the CURVY body shape?

    Want to get the CURVY body shape..??
    • Pssst... Want to know WHY Premium Beautiful No. 1 Corset di Malaysia?
    • Highly Recommended for all ladies especially those like to be PRETTY, maintain BODY SHAPE, want LOSE WEIGHT, etc.
    • Trying to CONCEIVE? Try Premium Beautiful today!
    • Got CYST or FIBROID? Don't worry, Premium Beautiful can help
    • SLIP DISC issue? Premium Beautiful is recommended by America Chiropractic Association (ACA)
    • Always MIGRAINE or GASTRIC?
    • SAGGING BREAST?! PB can!
      Soft material, easy to adjust and won't push the nipple!
    • Alternatif for CONFINEMENT
      The choice of THOUSAND of ladies after gave birth

      Contact me now ^^ DON'T WAIT

    Do you afford....??

    Do you afford to buy a HANDPHONE?
    Do you afford to buy COMPUTER / LAPTOP?
    Do you afford to buy a CAR?
    Do you afford to buy a HOUSE / CONDOMINIUM / APARTMENT?

    If you do afford to buy, then how come you could not afford to buy a product for your health?
    With only RM 7.20 a day, you can gain back your HEALTH.
    Is that too much?
    BELIEVE your daily spending is more than that.

    All above, you think that's necessities.
    BUT which 1 come with LIFETIME WARRANTY?
    Which 1 can help to PREVENT CANCER?
    Well.. NONE of it.

    If you do not afford to buy, then why not JOIN US so that you will afford to buy all of it ;)
    DON'T WORRY, I will be with you AND guide you all the way to success ^^

    So what you waiting for?
    Call me for FREE consultation ^^

    017 - 666 3391

    Dream Come True~

    Congrats to DSM Sha as one of her dream come true ^^

    Here she is with her new car ^^
    C200 Compressor
    After 6 months doing part time in the business, she earn more than RM 10K per month now.
    Now one of her dream come true already ^^

    Want to be like her too??

    Tuesday, May 31, 2011

    Raya Promotion~~!!!

    Raya is coming SOON ^^
    Just in another 3 months >.<

    Want to have that gorgeous and SEXY body?
    Want to LOSE WEIGHT?
    Want to wear kebaya for Raya and yet look GORGEOUS?
    Want to able to eat all the Raya foods and DON'T look bloated?

    Lazy to Work~

    Feeling lazy to work now..
    Trying to manage my full time job and my part time business at the same time
    Seem like 24 hours are not enough >.<
    I wish I could have more time.. XD
    All of this will be worth it when I receive the paycheck ^^

    Products Page~

    I'm not only doing Premium Beautiful corset but also few others products.
    I have created a new page for your easy reference ^^
    You can click on the Products page to check on the list.
    I already put all the links to the products under each picture.

    Alternatively, you can CLICK HERE ;)

    Monday, May 30, 2011

    Hong Kong Trip~

    Another 2 more weeks, my business partners will be going to Hong Kong.
    This trip is actually organized by our company.
    All expenses are paid by company.


    Last Saturday was our anniversary.
    Erm.. Not my blog anniversary.. Hahaha..
    The whole day we stay at home :P
    Only go out at night..

    Saturday, May 28, 2011

    PB Natural Wash

    Refresh & Soften Your Special Clothes

    Blend well with selected natural plant extracts and vitamins. It is highly effective for Premium Beautiful Foundation Lingerie and suitable for exclusive garments to make it softer and at the same time, protects your hand and environmental safe

    RM 42

    Te Zhi Bai Feng Wan 同仁堂特制北京白凤丸(小丸)

    Beijing Tong Ren Tang Te Zhi Bai Feng Wan

    Thursday, May 26, 2011

    Expenses vs Income

    Our expenses are getting higher and higher but our income is still the SAME.
    The petrol price already INCREASED 5 TIMES this year.

    iPad2 vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

    All this while, I only think of getting iPhone 4 or Blackberry Torch.
    But alot of my friends using iPhone >.<
    So I decided to get iPhone 4 1st.
    When my business is more stable already then only get Blackberry Torch ^^

    Wednesday, May 25, 2011


    Hi, how's your weekend?
    Mine is great. Even though I'm not feeling so well, I still managed to get out of my bed ^^

    I met up with some of my old friends which didn't get to meet for quite some times.
    I really missed the old times where we can go clubbing anytimes we want.
    It's not that we unable to go clubbing anymore but we have our own lifestyle already.
    Yet, it's still nice to hang out with them.

    Saturday, May 21, 2011

    Getting Married Soon? In Confinement? Trying to Conceive?

    Wanted to lose weight before your big day?
    Wanted to lose weight before your pre-wedding photoshots?
    In confinement?
    After confinement period, still unable to get back previous body shape?
    After few years marriage still unable to conceive??

    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    Wanna Be Like Her??

    She was 98kg last year and now she is 30kg lesser in just 5 months time without exercise.
    Her secret?
    Just wear Premium Beautiful minimum 8 hours a day, drink minimum 8 glasses of water a day AND drink Nurich Lacto-Lite EVERYDAY.

    Get 1 Premium Beautiful AND you will get 1 box of Lacto-Lite FREE

    So what you waiting for?
    Festival is just around the corner ^^
    Get READY for it NOW...

    Contact me
    thera_scc@yahoo.com if you want to YM ;)
    017 - 666 3391 CALL ME to set appointment

    1st day on Lacto-Lite


    I got my hand on Lacto-Lite. You can know more about Lacto-Lite here.

    I just got it yesterday and start to drink today ;)
    Hopefully with this, I can get faster result ^^

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    Between liposuction & Premium Beautiful, your choice is...

    Which is you choice??

    Health vs Money

    You think it's expensive when you know the price.
    BUT, what is the price of your health? It's PRICELESS...
    You can NEVER compare health with money.
    If you GOT money but DON'T HAVE health to enjoy, then it's useless..

    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Nurich Lacto-Lite Yogurt

    Nurich Lacto-Lite Yogurt with Live Culture & Inulin Powder Drink combines the health benefits of live culture and inulin to safeguard your digestive system.

    Why you need to wear Premium Beautiful??

    Trouble by this??

    Saturday, May 14, 2011

    70% For Health

    When you think of corset, you will thought that it's only for beauty right??
    Yes BUT only for conventional corset.

    Premium Beautiful is meant 70% for health and 30% for beauty.

    Friday, May 13, 2011

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