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    Friday, May 27, 2011

    Lesson Learned~

    My leg is hurt...

    Learned that DON'T buy cheap shoes~!!!
    It's proved that cheap products don't come with good quality..

    What do you expect then..? >.<
    I don't want to spend so much on shoes as I need to walk everyday to work
    Well.. Not everyday.. And not really walk to work..
    I need to walk to LRT station from my house.
    Sometimes if he is on Morning shift, then he will drop me at LRT station.
    I need to walk from LRT station to my office...
    Confirm need cause no one to drop me.
    After work also the same..
    Sometimes he finished work early then he can pick me up..
    So I need to walk at least 1/2 hour to 1 hour everyday day to work..
    Due to that, my shoes very fast will spoilt.
    I already changed few pairs.
    That's why I don't want to spend to much on shoes.

    I pity my leg now.. T.T
    It's painful when I walk..
    Erm.. Walk with the shoes XD
    Hope it get well soon.. >.<

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