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    Thursday, May 26, 2011

    Expenses vs Income

    Our expenses are getting higher and higher but our income is still the SAME.
    The petrol price already INCREASED 5 TIMES this year.
    Maybe you don't worry as you don't drive or your car is not fueling on Ron 97.
    BUT, other necessities will increase their price too..
    Electricity tariff going to INCREASE too...
    Reason? The fuel price increased so their transportation fees increased therefore their price INCREASED
    So you will be affected too...
    Unless you don't need the necessities eg foods, raw foods, clothes etc.
    Do your INCOME INCREASE too??

    Yes, your income increased but only ONCE a year...
    Is it sufficient?
    Expenses increase 30% - 50% and income increase 5% - 8%
    Are you able to COVER all the expenses?
    After you cover all the expenses do you have enough SAVING?
    Emergency fund?
    Do you keep track of your money in & out?
    When your expenses MORE THAN income, this is called DEBT

    So grab your CHANCE to make money now.
    DON'T WAIT until it's TOO LATE
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    ON TOP of your current income ;)

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