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    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Nurich Lacto-Lite Yogurt

    Nurich Lacto-Lite Yogurt with Live Culture & Inulin Powder Drink combines the health benefits of live culture and inulin to safeguard your digestive system.

    Live culture consists of friendly bacteria that are ingested to assist in digestion. Meantime, inulin (fiber) stimulates the growth of bacteria in the digestive system.

    Benefits of Nurich Lacto-Lite Yogurt with Live Culture & Inulin Powder Drink:
    • Promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut and assists in digestion
    • Assists in nutrient absorption of necessary minerals and vitamins
    • Helps to relieve constipation
    • Relieve lactose intolerance
    Take 1 sachet daily. May increase the dosage if required.
    For better result, it is recommended to drink at least 800cc of water after taking this product.

    1 box RM 158
    3 boxes RM 455
    5 boxes RM 730
    1 box consists of 25 sachets x 6gm

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    017 - 666 3391

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