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    Thursday, May 26, 2011

    iPad2 vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

    All this while, I only think of getting iPhone 4 or Blackberry Torch.
    But alot of my friends using iPhone >.<
    So I decided to get iPhone 4 1st.
    When my business is more stable already then only get Blackberry Torch ^^

    Then again got iPad 2 which is good for my business >.<
    So crack my head to decide which to get 1st..
    But if I get iPad 2 1st, sure he will keep fight with me T.T
    I want use for business & he want to use when he working
    I decided not to get iPad 2 1st as I still got my laptop to work with ^^

    This morning my friend recommended Samsung Galaxy Tab to me.. m(-.-)m
    You can know about Galaxy Tab here.
    Hmmm... Not very impressive to me..
    The screen is 7". Bigger than iPhone 4 but smaller than iPad 2.
    If I want to use it as phone, I will feel weird when I put on my ear to answer call :P
    I know can use earphone but..
    Sometimes using that you can't really hear clearly XD
    If I want use it for browsing etc, then I prefered iPad 2 which got bigger screen..
    But the price is cheaper compare to iPad 2 and iPhone 4.

    Which 1 should I get then...??

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