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    Friday, May 27, 2011


    Do you have issue of constipation..??

    I'm not sure about you..
    But I do have really serious one..
    Sometime 3-4 days I only go once..
    If I got chance to go, I'm very happy.. XD
    Sometime I really want to go buy diarrhoea medicine so that I could go >.<
    I even ate a pill that my friend told me will cause some symptom as diarrhoea
    BUT I don't have that symptom
    I only go once a day..
    Sure you think it's enough right?
    Since it doesn't work with me that well, so my friend suggest another kind of pills then..
    The result still the same >.<

    I really give up...
    They even ask me to check with doctor
    Cause suspect that my digestion system not working very well..
    Being me, the lazy one, definitely I'm not doing that
    Well... Everywhere I go to check on my health
    Eg, Chinese Traditional "Doctor"
    Will also diagnose that my digestion system not very well >.<

    I tried few ways but not very good.
    Sometimes my stomach is bloated and I feel very suffer..

    After I wear Premium Beautiful, I don't feel my stomach is bloated ^^
    It's not because I'm selling so I say like that..
    It's the truth.
    After I drink Nurich Lacto-Lite yogurt drink, I really got go toilet.

    Oh... But have to drink the correct way :P
    You really have to drink a lot of water after you drink the Lacto-Lite.
    If not, you won't be going to toilet then.
    Erm.. That's for me XD
    I have been drinking for the whole week.
    I realised that when I didn't drink enough water, I won't be going to toilet.
    It really work well when I drink a lot of water ;)

    Don't trust me..??
    Try it yourself then :D

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