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    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    My Testimonial - 1st week

    I have been wearing PB for 1 week plus..
    So far I haven't measure yet so not sure whether I lost weight or not.

    But there are few things that I'm very sure which are:-
    • I lost my appetite
      - Everytime I on diet, the most hard thing for me to do is to control my appetite. I will eat & eat & eat.. Non-stop T.T That's why my diet plan always fail.
    • My body look nice
      My body shape look nicer with any clothes that I wear. All the fatty meat put in the right place. One comment from my hubby [not sure whether is compliment or not] is my boobs look bigger and he can't keep his eyes away from me.. *^_^* What you can expect more??
    • I don't feel warm
      People told me that they feel warm after wearing corset but I don't have this issue with Premium Beautiful
    • So far no back pain
      Once a while, I will get lower back pain. This one I'm not sure whether it's OK already but I'm sure that I don't have it right now ;)
    So far that's all from me. I will update again on my experience :D

    Contact me if you are interested ;) You can try it 1st
    017 - 666 3391

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