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    Saturday, June 25, 2011

    Hong Kong Trip Video~~

    Hong Kong trip from my leader ;)

    Next trip will be Holland & Belgium..
    Come join me on that trip...

    Contact me for more details ;)

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    Safe Trip~

    My business partners went to Hong Kong yesterday.
    They are at Disneyland today >.<
    Ohhhh.. I'm so jealous now..
    How I wish I have join this business earlier...

    Another batch going to Hong Kong this morning.
    They should be arriving soon ;)

    So nice that they go to Hong Kong for FREE~
    This trip is provided by the company
    All 5 star service!!
    Accommodation, transport AND foods PROVIDED.
    ONLY need to bring money for SHOPPING~

    Next trip that the company having is HOLLAND AND BELGIUM
    Let's us go to this FREE TRIP together ;)

    Contact me now OR anytime you want ^^
    017 - 666 3391


    Who don't like freedom?
    Who don't want freedom?
    BUT who already GOT freedom?

    What type of freedom you got..??
    What type of freedom you want/like?

    Share with me ;)

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    After few year married but not GIFTED with baby?

    Envy when saw other couple gave birth?
    LOVE kids but failed to have one?
    Trying to conceive for few year but no luck?
    With the help of Premium Beautiful and Bai Feng Wan, you CAN conceive too..

    Contact me for further details ;)
    017 - 666 3391

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Debts Free...??

    Image from Google

    Do you feel that every time salary out, you take more than 75% of it to pay all your outstanding eg. housing loan, car loan, credit cards, phone bills, rental, electricity & water bills, broadband bills etc?
    Then the balance 25%, you use it for food, drink, transportation, petrol etc..
    How much you can save?

    The truth is I can't really save much.
    The balance after I paid my debts is only RM 300-500 only..
    I can't even really go for shopping T.T
    I only can shop for groceries >.<
    No luxury lifestyle for me...

    Therefore.. I made my move to change my life.
    What about you?
    Have you made you move yet?
    Make you move NOW
    Contact me to know how you can change your life 360 degree ;)

    My Progress ~ After 1 month ++

    * Sorry no picture *

    Suppose to update on my progress last 2 weeks but... been lazy again :P
    I have been wearing it for more than 8 hours everyday ^^
    However, I wasn't on strict diet nor exercise.
    Sometimes, I even eat late >.< Alot of junk foods and chocolate XD
    Few times went for buffet style some more >.<

    To my surprise.. I still LOST 2-3kg..
    Wow... Normally Junk Foods + Chocolate + Supper = Increase Weight
    BUT I still managed to LOST Weight ^^
    I know 2-3kg is not a huge figure but imagine NO exercise + KEEP eating = lost weight XD
    Not only that.. I don't feel want to leave the house without PB :P
    Wearing it already make my body shape better..
    Don't need to think how to hide my "muffin top" XD
    I don't feel I got lost weight but my girdle is more easier to wear now.

    Hehehe... I'm wondering how will the result be if I'm on strict diet + exercise...
    Sure the figure will be higher ^^
    This is my target ;)
    No more supper, junk foods AND chocolate.. [just the thought only already make me want to cry T.T]
    At least go to swim ONCE a week
    I think this is still acceptable ^^
    I'll do this start from today ;) For 1 month

    Hohoho.. Can't wait to see the result ;)
    Ohh... I can feel that my body shape is firmer ^^ Especially my breast :P
    Girls with big breast will understand.
    Big breast is easier to sag >.<
    I did tried different bra that claims will help to shape my breast but...
    I only can felt that with PB ^^

    Don't trust me..??
    You can see yourself ^^
    Limited to girls only :P

    You can call me at 017 666 3391
    OR add me on my FB ;)

    Friday, June 10, 2011



    Got my bonus already ^^
    Can go get iPhone4 tomorrow ;)
    Going to achieve one of my target ^^

    COME JOIN ME~!!!!
    You CAN get it TOO ;)

    Contact me @ 017 - 666 3391
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