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    Friday, June 3, 2011

    HATE Star LRT~

    Pic from Google
    I'm getting frustrated with Star LRT already...
    Their service is getting worse and worse..

    Few months back, the train keep stop in between the stations
    OR stop at the station for very long.
    The stop can sometimes go up 5-10 minutes.
    This is just WASTING time.

    It's not only that..
    Due to the waiting time is very long, when the train reach my station, the train is already pack with people..
    Really look like sardines in can >.<
    Worst is all the people stuck at the entrance and no one want to move inside.
    This happened again this few days T.T
    It's just next station that I will reach but it stop again in between the stations...
    Oh... I really hate it~~~!!!!
    Especially when I'm already late to work T.T

    I have to use LRT to work as I don't want to stuck in jam and wake up too early.
    But this is what I'm experiencing now >.<
    Really feel want to quit my job now..
    So that I don't need to be frustrated by this every morning..


    ken said...

    public transport in KL is not really efficient.. that's a known fact :/

    Thera said...

    That's why i hate it... >.<
    When they mentioned that the new train is even faster... I really doubt it XD

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