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    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    Do you afford....??

    Do you afford to buy a HANDPHONE?
    Do you afford to buy COMPUTER / LAPTOP?
    Do you afford to buy a CAR?
    Do you afford to buy a HOUSE / CONDOMINIUM / APARTMENT?

    If you do afford to buy, then how come you could not afford to buy a product for your health?
    With only RM 7.20 a day, you can gain back your HEALTH.
    Is that too much?
    BELIEVE your daily spending is more than that.

    All above, you think that's necessities.
    BUT which 1 come with LIFETIME WARRANTY?
    Which 1 can help to PREVENT CANCER?
    Well.. NONE of it.

    If you do not afford to buy, then why not JOIN US so that you will afford to buy all of it ;)
    DON'T WORRY, I will be with you AND guide you all the way to success ^^

    So what you waiting for?
    Call me for FREE consultation ^^

    017 - 666 3391

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