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    Friday, June 10, 2011

    X-Men First Class

    Anyone watched the X-Men First Class?
    What's your opinion?

    I watched it yesterday at MBO @ Viva Home
    Thought that it'll be pack..
    Well... Not really that pack.
    It's not full yet when we buy the movie tickets.
    I think I know the reason.
    We actually checked the screening time online the day before.
    It showed 8.30pm on their website.
    We actually took our own sweet time to go to Giant to shop for some groceries.
    The Giant is in Viva home XD

    After finish shopping, we went to buy the movie tickets.
    To our surprise, the screening time is 7.30pm instead of 8.30pm >.<
    That time already nearly 7pm and we still haven't have our dinner yet =.="
    We planned to go to a shop to eat BUT since we don't have much time for it, so we just go for the Hainanese Cafe that just open outside of the cinema.

    Nothing much to say about the cafe but service not bad.
    Within 1/2 hour we finish our dinner >.<
    So their service is still quite fast ^^
    I got nothing to comment :P

    OK.. Back to the movie..
    Actually I don't really watch X-Men before.
    So don't really remember all the characters XD
    Some of the power in this movie, I never seen or heard before :P
    Overall.. Not too bad..
    At least I don't feel sleepy..
    Want to know more..??
    Go watch yourself XD

    Let me know your opinion after you watch ;)

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