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    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Debts Free...??

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    Do you feel that every time salary out, you take more than 75% of it to pay all your outstanding eg. housing loan, car loan, credit cards, phone bills, rental, electricity & water bills, broadband bills etc?
    Then the balance 25%, you use it for food, drink, transportation, petrol etc..
    How much you can save?

    The truth is I can't really save much.
    The balance after I paid my debts is only RM 300-500 only..
    I can't even really go for shopping T.T
    I only can shop for groceries >.<
    No luxury lifestyle for me...

    Therefore.. I made my move to change my life.
    What about you?
    Have you made you move yet?
    Make you move NOW
    Contact me to know how you can change your life 360 degree ;)


    Anonymous said...

    I wonder how would my life changed later after posting this... ehhehhehehe :)

    Ok, I'm serious. How?

    fitrianto said...

    wow, very interesting your bid .. how Did details .. I need your input about my blog is also here http://alwayshealthy-fitrianto.blogspot.com

    Thera said...

    we can meet up to talk more details ;)
    Where u stay?

    ken said...

    well.. save more and dont spend unnecessarily :)

    Thera said...

    I know can save but how much u can save le...? RM 100 - RM 200?? For me.. RM 50 also hard lo.. Coz most of my salary will be use to pay debts T.T

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