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    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    Wedding Dinner Dress~

    I got 2 wedding dinner to attend this month.
    Both also his friends.
    1 is this Sunday at my hometown [Yeah.. Going back to hometown this weekend ^^]
    Another 1 on next Sunday
    I still haven't decide what to wear yet >.<
    As I gained alot of weight since last year and didn't buy any dress after that, I don't think I still can wear my old dress T.T
    Even I already wear the corset, but still haven't lose all the weight that I have gained >.<
    Well.. In that case ^^ I have excuses to buy new dress now.. Yeahoo...
    I have done some search online..
    This are so far what I like ^^
    Love to hear your opinion ;)
    Product info

    Nice is nice..
    But don't have my size T.T
    Share with me if you got other site that you recommend ;)
    Love to hear it~


    Nava Krishnan said...

    Am not sure on on-line, but boutiques can custom make according to what you like and fit your size.

    Thera said...

    Thanks. But not enuf time. customer make always need time. mayb can custom made for my bro wedding late :D

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