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    Tuesday, May 31, 2011

    Lazy to Work~

    Feeling lazy to work now..
    Trying to manage my full time job and my part time business at the same time
    Seem like 24 hours are not enough >.<
    I wish I could have more time.. XD
    All of this will be worth it when I receive the paycheck ^^
    I planned to get iPhone 4 but yet still got people suggest me other brands.
    All the phones are not bad but I only got budget to buy 1 now XD
    So I planned to get iPhone 4 1st.
    Later iPad 2 then HTC Incredibles for him few months later ;)
    Currently he is using 1 phone from his company.
    He still got Sony Ericsson but the sim card already expired.
    So he can't use it already.
    It's so inconvenient as unable to reach him when his BB dead T.T
    But that have to be after I bought mine :D
    Will think again about my 2nd handphone ^^
    Well.. 1 for business and another for personal ;)

    Just talk about this, it motivated me again ^^
    So back to work XD

    So what's your motivation to work?
    Love to hear from you ;)

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