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    Monday, May 30, 2011


    Last Saturday was our anniversary.
    Erm.. Not my blog anniversary.. Hahaha..
    The whole day we stay at home :P
    Only go out at night..

    I wanted to go Ampang for dinner.. [Managed to go on Sun :P]
    but don't know how come ended up eat steamboat at Taman Yulek XD
    That steamboat is for per head count and not buffet style.
    If order for 1 person, need to pay RM 17.80.
    But for 2 person and above, need to pay RM 14.80 per person only..
    So we end up ordered 2 person >.<
    Not only that, we ordered some side dishes too..
    Well.. I'm big eater XD
    Both of us eat until very full..
    And I feel like going to vomit soon cause too full already >.<
    I'm wearing PB that time too T.T
    Imagine that...

    After we went for movie ^^
    The last movie we watched was Pirates of The Caribbean.
    We watched it by using complimentary passes by Nuffnang ;)
    I post about it here.
    Something happened and not a going to nag about that now ;)
    OK, back to the movie..
    Kung Fu Panda 2 was out already.. Yeahooo..
    I'm totally a fan of animation movies :P
    But he is not XD
    Luckily this is nice..
    If not, he will be falling asleep... Wakakaka...

    It's recommended ;)
    If you got kids, bring along them.. They will like it :D
    It's funny..
    Almost we laughed from start to end..

    So how you spend your last weekend?
    Love to hear from you ;)

    PS: All pictures are "stolen" from Googles :P

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