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    Monday, June 13, 2011

    My Progress ~ After 1 month ++

    * Sorry no picture *

    Suppose to update on my progress last 2 weeks but... been lazy again :P
    I have been wearing it for more than 8 hours everyday ^^
    However, I wasn't on strict diet nor exercise.
    Sometimes, I even eat late >.< Alot of junk foods and chocolate XD
    Few times went for buffet style some more >.<

    To my surprise.. I still LOST 2-3kg..
    Wow... Normally Junk Foods + Chocolate + Supper = Increase Weight
    BUT I still managed to LOST Weight ^^
    I know 2-3kg is not a huge figure but imagine NO exercise + KEEP eating = lost weight XD
    Not only that.. I don't feel want to leave the house without PB :P
    Wearing it already make my body shape better..
    Don't need to think how to hide my "muffin top" XD
    I don't feel I got lost weight but my girdle is more easier to wear now.

    Hehehe... I'm wondering how will the result be if I'm on strict diet + exercise...
    Sure the figure will be higher ^^
    This is my target ;)
    No more supper, junk foods AND chocolate.. [just the thought only already make me want to cry T.T]
    At least go to swim ONCE a week
    I think this is still acceptable ^^
    I'll do this start from today ;) For 1 month

    Hohoho.. Can't wait to see the result ;)
    Ohh... I can feel that my body shape is firmer ^^ Especially my breast :P
    Girls with big breast will understand.
    Big breast is easier to sag >.<
    I did tried different bra that claims will help to shape my breast but...
    I only can felt that with PB ^^

    Don't trust me..??
    You can see yourself ^^
    Limited to girls only :P

    You can call me at 017 666 3391
    OR add me on my FB ;)


    ken said...

    what is PB? lol

    Thera said...

    Premium Beautiful ;)

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