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    Friday, April 29, 2011

    Salary more than RM 10K

    Every year you will be waiting for the salary increment. So how much is it? RM 100, RM 200, RM 500 or RM 50 only..??

    If the company give you increment of RM 500, sure you very happy already right?
    What if they only increase RM 50..? Sure you already started to curse the company for so low increment and start to look for job with higher income.

    Let's say your current income is RM 2500 per month and every year your increment is RM 500, how many year you need to work only your monthly salary will reach RM 10K?

    15 YEARS!!!!

    Wow... It's not a short time.. That's if your yearly increment is RM 500 every year >.<

    Why you want to spend so many years while you can get that kind of income in 6 months time ^^
    Dont believe me??

    She only in this business for 6 months and she already earning RM 10K++ per month ^^ Oh... Forgot to tell you that she is only doing it as part time ^^
    Just imagine that RM10K plus your full time job income $$$$$
    You don't need to worry anymore ;)

    Contact me today to learn her secret ;)
    017 - 666 3391

    Thanks to CDM Hanis for the info ;)

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