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    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    Price for Premium Beautiful

    After you read about what is Premium Beautiful and the benefits, the next question that come across your mind sure will be how much is the price ^^

    Below is the price for Premium Beautiful:

    Size XS-M: RM2400
    Size XXXL-L : RM2600

    But think again.. How much will it cost you when you sign up a slimming package?? I tried before and it's nothing less than this amount but no result also... Wasted my money only T.T

    How much you need to pay for the gym? It will cost you more than RM 130 and you need to sign up for 1 year. If you just pay RM 130 per month, yes, it is cheaper but how often you will go to gym in 1 month? How many hours you spend in the gym?? This method only worth it if you regularly go to gym and you like to exercise very much >.< I tried before but only for few months T.T My money is wasted again...

    OK, maybe you don't want to go to gym but you buy the equipment. So how many equipments you going to buy then? How much it will cost you then? Do you really have the time for it? After finish work, I believe you already very tired to exercise already. So most probably you will use it at the weekend then. So does it really worth it?

    Some people prefer to take pills... Haihz... I also tried it before... >.< At first, it really work but later on... It no longer work for me T.T Even I took pill that my friend introduce and mentioned that alot of people after took the pill will have symptom like having diarrhea but... I don't feel anything at all... That's why I mentioned I really have very serious constipation issue... Well.. That's my case. For some people, pills might work on them but the risk is very high >.< Might get any kinds of sickness especially kidney failure.. That's why I stop taking already..

    Another way which is on diet, cut down meal intake. Does this really work? Yes, it might work for certain people but not me >.< For the past 2 months, I already skipped my lunch. Not really that I totally didn't eat anything during lunch but mostly I will take fruit only. Ahem.. Even though not everyday but only once a while when I must have my lunch with my colleagues. I spend my lunch time to walk around shopping center but yet.. Not much result T.T This is so hard for me... Because I really like to eat.

    What I like best about Premium Beautiful is that it's LIFETIME WARRANTY. Tell me, what product can really provide you lifetime warranty? Does your gym equipment coming with lifetime warranty? Don't think so... If the Premium Beautiful is torn, spoilt, the wires came out or anything, you can send it for service which is FREE OF CHARGE. Provided that you don't lost it XD

    This is one time investment and you can use it until the day you no longer here XP OK, don't want to talk about so long. What about 5-10 years? It will only cost you about RM 43.33 per month or lesser... I believe your phone bill already cost more than this ^^

    Furthermore, you are using this not only to slim down, you can tone up too.. And also other benefits that I mentioned here.

    So what are you waiting for..?? Contact me today ^^
    @ thera.seow@gmail.com or 6017 - 666 3391

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